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The Crystal and Spore collective reflects the relationship between synthetic and organic systems - that vital intersection between nature and culture where the future of the human landscape is continually being forged. Crystalline forms represent technology, manifest in the ubiquitous silicon chip that provides the digital means to create and receive information. The spore symbolizes the chaotically complex distribution systems of the natural world, through which living genetic information is dispersed.

Developed as a workshop in 2000, Crystal and Spore has been creating a flexible media vocabulary and mobile toolkit for delivering artistic, entertaining and educational messages. As an independent Canadian collective of emerging artists, Crystal and Spore pursues new creative activity by merging media with established art forms into a rich plurality of artistic and academic disciplines – aiming to transform multimedia into metamedia.

Publicly active in the Vancouver area, Crystal and Spore has created a variety of booklets and CDs; produced events; facilitated workshops; and hosted multimedia presentations at numerous gatherings, festivals, and conferences both locally and abroad. For further details on past work, please see the attached ‘Chrono’ event history, included in the support material.

The core of the collective is made up of four artists: Delvin, Sijay, Noah Pred and Naasko. Often joined by a number of contributors from the artistic community, the Crystal and Spore has appeared at over 20 venues, and has been enthusiastically received for its artistic content, intellectual merit, and interactive creative components.